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Learn about the Flashing Yellow Arrow

As part of the NCHRP 3-54 Research project, a flashing yellow arrow was investigated for use in protected/permissive left-turn control. The graphic below illustrates how the flashing yellow arrow display works:

And here's what the indications mean:

Solid Red Arrow = Stop. No left turns allowed.

Solid Yellow Arrow = Prepare to stop.

Flashing Yellow Arrow = Left turns allowed, but first yield to oncoming traffic and pedestrians.

Solid Green Arrow = Left turns allowed. Proceed with caution.

This section of the web site provides more information about how the flashing yellow arrow addresses existing issues such as the “yellow trap” as well as information about how it was tested and put to use in real world implementation studies.

How it works
Fixing the Yellow Trap
Phasing Illustrations

Animated Illustrations
Digital Videos

Implementation Information
Implementing Agencies
Implementation Feedback
Implementation Issues

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