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Implementing Agencies

The first agency to respond to the volunteer solicitation was Montgomery County, Maryland. In September 2000, Montgomery County implemented the flashing yellow arrow display at three intersections. Marylandís participation in the implementation study was subsequently followed by other agencies as chronologically summarized below:

Summary of Implementation Study Sites


Implementation Date

Number of
Implementation Sites

Montgomery County, Maryland

September 2000


City of Tucson, Arizona

May 2001


Jackson County, Oregon

May 2001


Oregon Department of Transportation

June 2001


City of Beaverton, Oregon

April 2002


Broward County, Florida

June 2002


*One site in Jackson County met the NCHRP 3-54 study requirements. The County implemented non-conforming displays at five other locations in the County with Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) approval.

**In September 2002, Broward County received approval from FHWA to implement the flashing yellow arrow display at two additional intersections bringing the total number of flashing yellow arrow implementation sites to five.

Jurisdiction Links:

Montgomery County, MD

Tucson, AZ

Jackson County, OR

Woodburn, OR

City of Beaverton, OR

Broward County, Florida

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